Like The 80s::Sera

It was mid July and I was approaching my big european backpacking trip and that was all I can think about. Was in full blown vacation mode and all I wanted to do was sit beachside with a cocktail in hand. With my love for vintage films I started diving into vintage european beach vibes which lead me to an 80s Miami Vice inspiration for this shoot. 

Do you remember those tacky 80s beach commercials with the upbeat music, girls in bikinis and roller-skates playing by the beach? Well, that was what was playing in my head the whole time I was brainstorming. Bringing in the baby blues, pastels, and neon colors mixed with european beach vibes we got something special. I knew I wanted to include a little nudity for this shoot to put the cherry on top of the whole vibe. This was a mix of Rebellious, Elegance, and Freedom.

I asked Sera to be my model for this shoot and I am fortunate to have her. This being my first nude shoot I didn't know what to expect or how to approach it. I just needed to be professional and build a comfortable relationship and environment for Sera. I am really impressed with Sera and how she embraced the vibe I was going for and went into the shoot and absolutely killed it. (I mean, look at the photos. They are FIREEEE). Sera is a beautiful woman with an amazing personality and I truly enjoyed shooting with her. Thank you!