A little Piece Of Europe::Hannah

I received a message at 5am from a model asking if I was available to shoot that day. First thing that came to my head was, did this girl really just wake me up at 5am?!! But I thought, why not do a shoot. If I wasn’t I will probably just lay in bed and Netflix all day.

This shoot was extremely last minute and we had nothing planned. Me and Hannah had talked before so we had one outfit in mind, but the rest was up in the air. I am fresh from my Europe trip so I knew I wanted to have a european/parisean vibe with this shoot. I grabbed a dress shirt of mine, a beret and sunglasses I had laying around and formed a second outfit for the shoot. The one thing I asked of Hannah was to bring all the jewelry she had. I wanted her to be shining for this shoot. Foreshadowing, she did not disappoint. Since time wasn’t on our side I went to my go to shoot location where I knew lighting is perfect almost every hour of the day. I’m not going to reveal my top secret location but every time I shoot there, I get a whole different vibe than the last shoot. The location is not fancy or has anything unique, it’s just another normal neighborhood. I just seem to make it work for me. This shoot is a prime example that you don’t need a fancy studio or a crazy location to get great photos. You just need a little creativity.

Meeting Hannah for the first time was amazing. She is absolutely beautiful and has a great energy to be around. She made my life easy. Hannah was able to capture the vibe I was going for and exceeded my expectations. She has this personality that truly reflects in the photos. She is edgy, full of attitude, but also elegant and graceful. I think she got this european vibe down don’t you think? When I said she came prepared, I wasn’t joking. Hannah had necklaces, earrings, and rings that could outfit a household! This was by far one of my favorite shoots and it took me by surprise. From a 5am message and scrambling to figure out outfits and a location to creating something special.

The shoot was styled and shot my me. We were able to achieve four looks with three outfit changes. I wanted to achieve a warm energy for this shoot but other than that I was going with the flow with this shoot.